Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The DHL Package

DHL delivers packages door to door. It’s expensive but we are assured of fast and safe delivery. The package goes to the other end of the world but it is totally unaware of how it got there.

The Sri Lankan child is like a DHL package. He is taken everywhere by his mother. The safety and wellbeing of the child is of utmost importance to the mother. She only wants the child to study, pass exams and enter university. The child has to face a lot of competition and is under a lot of pressure. The mother does everything for the child. As a result the child is unable to do anything for himself.

When the child leaves school he is expected to transform himself miraculously from a helpless and pampered package into an independent adult.

Recently a caring university lecturer told me that her students have problems because of their emotional immaturity. I was not surprised since I am an over protective mother like all the other mothers I know.

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  1. So true MM! I can remember someone telling me about child who had gone to the USA being surprised that she had to make her own bed. Of course she did not know how to do it. But I believe you are right sometimes as parents we tend to be over protective of our kids which would harm them in the long run. I must confess I too belong to this category.